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Welcome to Butt Wheat

For over thirteen years there has been a group of musicians gathering near Greenville, Michigan to play music. You'll find them out west of town on a cleared patch of ground neighboring a cornfield. On the last full weekend of July, you'll see trailers and tents set up for camping. Friends will be sitting around laughing and joking, just enjoying each other's company. You will smell good food grilling, and see tables loaded with casserole dishes.

But what will draw you closer will be the music you hear. All kinds of music, just filling up your ears. You'll find an assortment of guitars, fiddles, banjos, and well, just about any instrument that someone might hammer out a tune on. And it doesn't stop. That's Butt Wheat, it's all about the music.

Pat Knotts, founder of Butt Wheat, the new Stage, Dan Lilly, of Messin Around, Don Anez and other friends of Butt Wheat

Butt Wheat Jam
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